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Read what other people had to say about me.

Bruno is one special human being. A true professional when it comes to training and coaching. I have known him for years and we have trained and raced on more than one occasion. He is a true student of the game, of many games really. From competitive endurance sports, strength & conditioning, self defense, movement and life. Coaching and educating is in his blood. Bruno combines his vast personal experience with his knowledge to help others reach their goals. Bruno not only coaches his philosophy, he embodies it.

Noël, the Netherlands, professional strength & conditioning coach

During my short stay in Zurich, Bruno provided me with a daily routine to enhance my breathing capacity through a range of different holding techniques. Being an avid surfer, these techniques have enabled me to withstand longer hold downs whilst remaining calm and relaxed. Bruno also showed me breathing tools to prepare for higher altitudes, which benefited me greatly when I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. His extensive knowledge, professional coaching skills, combined with his personable nature, make his training even more worthwhile. His training methodology is second to none, and I couldn’t recommend it more if you are looking to improve your health or athletic performance.

Reggy, Australia, teacher and former professional football & basketball player

Bruno has a breadth and width of experience and skills that will be difficult to find elsewhere. The unique combination of elements employed in his method is guaranteed to make you move better, become stronger and feel better all around. Highly recommended.

Daniel, Switzerland, entrepreneur and black belt in Karate & Gracie Jiu-Jitsu

Bruno has been my Jiu-Jitsu instructor for the last few years and when he gave us a seminar at one of our training camps, I discovered what breathing can do to help training and overall wellbeing. I then had an additional session with Bruno to get a bit more in depth knowledge on breathing. He took me through different breathing techniques and exercises, which I have tried to incorporate into my daily routine. His calmness and open character made the classes more than just a course. It gave me the confidence and motivation to change the way I have been breathing. I can highly recommend Bruno. You will want to learn more after attending his classes.

Bruce, South Africa/Switzerland

Before I met Bruno I ran several half-marathons and trained in the gym. So I cannot say I am an unfit person. My problem was that either I did a lot (during the preparation) or did nothing (a couple of months after the race). With this problem I came to Bruno. He suggested to do a 28-Day MoveWell Challenge. During one month Bruno sent me an email every day with tasks, advice and tips for the next day. This was not only for movement, but also for nutrition, hydration and sleeping. Once a week we met for a personal training. The challenge was also adapted for my needs, i.e. breathing exercises, some special techniques and tips and tricks to improve my running. The purpose of the challenge was to learn how to integrate physical exercises into my daily routine and how to make my own training program.
If you want to improve your lifestyle I highly recommend training with Bruno. He is a great, very knowledgeable teacher with a lot of experience and patience.

Jenia, Russia/Switzerland

I can only recommend Bruno and Bruno’s four pillar method and coaching! 
His vast experience and skills combined with his permanent positive thinking, motivation, his open mind and character makes a perfect and unique combination. I am very fortunate to have trained Gracie Jiu-Jitsu with him for years and followed his training and coaching. I am always amazed of all the things I keep learning, always on the search of how to become the best version of ourselves, love that!

Victor, Equador/Switzerland

Bruno is a movement artist and I am very happy that I have the opportunity to learn from him.

Steffen, Germany/Switzerland

After meeting Bruno - I went home and started training right away. He is soooo motivating! His attention to detail is extraordinary and his explanations made so much sense to me. Thank you!

Roseary, Ireland

Thank you very much for your training, your tips and sharing your experience, knowledge and your time with me!! Was really nice 👍🏻 I can only say thank you 🙏🏻!!! I am greatful!!!

Javier, Spain/Switzerland

Thank you for the great example of healthy living and eating. It's inspiring and motivational. I hope that you continue to inspire others.

Jeff, USA/Switzerland, professional coach and author

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