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At BrunoMove Coaching & Education, we place health at the center of our attention. We understand that good health is the root of our quality of life, our longevity and athletic performance. Therefore our mission is to guide you to grow the strongest, most durable roots possible.


I'm Bruno, the founder and head coach at BrunoMove Coaching & Education. As an athlete, teacher, coach and student, I have been on a lifelong quest for exceptional health, peak performance and happiness. I have traveled the world to seek out the innovators in the field of health and fitness. My work represents the culmination of my lifestyle philosophy, which has formed over the last 20 years through extensive training using my body as a living laboratory, research, experimenting and learning with and from people all around the world. I have an insatiable curiosity about what is vital to be healthy, perform well in life and find contentment. 

Living the life of an elite athlete in the sports of basketball and Ironman triathlon left me with a training discipline like no other. I believed in having been blessed with an indestructable armour. However, my lifestyle resulted in over-use injuries, chronic crippling back pain, constant low energy and other long-term health challenges. I was told that I should get used to walking as my sport of choice. ​The self-proclaimed former superman, stripped of his cape, beaten down, wings clipped, unable to fly.


BOOM, I hit rock bottom. 

Left with nothing and no help in sight - I started walking. One step at a time. For over a year that was all I did. I was faced by an insurmountable obstacle. There was very little advice for people like me. There were no experienced professionals out there that could relate. I started to realize that in today's world of health and fitness the majority of advice comes from either young health and fitness professionals with limited experience, especially when it comes to aging and limited resources - or advice from millionaire former professional athletes, fitness models or actors, who also have very little of an idea what it is like to life a life outside of professional sports, fitness or celebrity lifestyle. Therefore their advice how to balance the demands of training and the rest of our life is not sustainable. Furthermore, the topic of health is never a top priority, because health is a very hard sell.  


What about the working life-athlete? What about the aging 40 years+ person with very limited resources of time, energy and money? What about training with an injury or disability? And the most asked question of them all - do we stop training because we grow older or do we grow older because we stop training? 


This is not the end. It's a new beginning.


Facing the fact that most popular training methods have proven to be unsustainable by causing injury or resulting in abandonment, I was a prime example of it, I had to find a way to surpass my obstacle. Having been a victim of such methods and what effects such methods were having on other people gave me sleepness nights and would not let me rest. I started to realize the potential of creating a method that would empower people to become the best version of themselves, making a great quality of life possible. I strongly believe that everybody deserves a sustainable training program with the potential of unlocking each and everyone's own superpower, giving them the ability to move as they like and play until the end of our days.

Therefore out of necessity, I developed the Four Pillar Method, an immersion of what I have found to be the foundational principles of both modern science and traditional systems.

Everything I have learned and continue to learn to keep myself and my clients healthy, I have been passing on and sharing with others so we can all build a healthy, strong, durable and happy self.


And, I want to share it with you. 

When off the mat and out of the forest, I teach children as a classroom, natural and physical education teacher at public schools in Switzerland. I hold university degrees in communication, primary, physical and environmental education. 








The #Move4goodDeeds Project

As a life-long learner and educator, I travel to developing countries to do volunteer work empowering people and supporting environmental and social projects that change lives and help sustain livelihoods. To further help this cause I have started my own non-profit grassroots project called #Move4goodDeeds - where all the proceeds of my coaching go to.

Thus, when you move with us - you are truly changing lives. Thank you.

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